The Cashback World Mastercard® or Visa has additional advantages and benefits for you immediately. The free Cashback credit card is available now for SUPERCARDplus1 cardholders and anyone who wants to benefit from valuable advantages. We are offering you another attractive loyalty program with Cashback2. Your card payments3 are rewarded with cashback that is credited to your card account every month. And the most important thing is the same – you still don’t pay an annual fee.

Automati- cally receive cashback


Have you not received your free Cashback credit card yet?

Switch from the SUPERCARDplus to the free Cashback credit card now. So you benefit faster from the new advantages:

  • Cashback: We are offering you another attractive loyalty program with which you automatically enjoy cashback for card payments worldwide.
  • New: Pay quickly and easily with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay (mobile payments).
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Tip: Receive cashback and collect bonus points. Would you like to collect bonus points alongside the attractive cashback? Not a problem! Also show your loyalty card4 when shopping.


With our Cashback calculator you can work out really easily how much you can benefit from with your Cashback credit card. The calculation basis is 0.25% cashback.

Spending per month (in CHF)Cashback per year (in CHF)
All the advantages

All the advantages of your Cashback credit card

With your free Cashback credit card you are automatically rewarded for your card spending with cashback – anytime and anywhere. You can find everything about cashback and your Cashback credit card’s other advantages here.

Advantages and benefits
Mobile Payment

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay (mobile payments)

With your Cashback credit card, you can now pay really easily in shops, apps and when out and about using Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Do you want to find out more about switching from SUPERCARDplus to Cashback?
You can find all the information about this here.

Cashback program Terms and Conditions
1As a SUPERCARDplus card holder you will automatically be sent the free Cashback credit card by October 31, 2020. The current SUPERCARDplus credit card will no longer be valid from 31.10.2020. Your existing agreement is automatically carried over without any formalities. As a result, your credit card number, card account number, spending limit and PIN code remain the same. If you want to benefit from the additional advantages of your Cashback credit card immediately, apply to exchange your SUPERCARDplus for a new Cashback credit card faster here.2Cashback for the respective statement period is shown on the monthly statement and credited to the card account, it cannot be paid out in cash. You can find the exact Cashback program Terms and Conditions here.3Except for fees, interest, back-charges, outstanding payments, cash withdrawals, bank transfers, credits and spending on the lottery, betting or casinos.4The respective bonus program’s terms and conditions apply.